Coiled Coil Earrings
                       ~Cindy Patrick
Create some really cute earrings as you learn how to make coiled coils,
adding cute accent beads.
Materials Needed:
Materials for class must be purchased at Beadoholique.

8 inches 18g round half hard copper or Sterling wire
7 feet 28g round soft copper or Sterling wire
6 feet 24g round soft copper or Sterling wire
1 foot 18g round soft copper or Sterling wire
6 inches 20g round soft copper or Sterling wire
6-8mm beads that fit on 18g wire
3mm Sterling machine balls

Techniques Used: Wire bending and wrapping.

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: None

Tools Needed:
flush cutters
nylon jaw pliers (wire straighteners)
chain nose pliers
round nose pliers
6-step looping pliers
nylon hammer
chasing hammer
steel bench block/sand bag
metal files or sandpaper to smooth wire ends
ring mandrel
magnifiers (optional but recommended)
Coiled Coil Earrings
Saturday, Jan 13, 2018, 10-Noon
Cindy Patrick
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