Channel Set Cab Bracelet
                          ~Cindy Patrick
Join Cindy for a new fun wire class! In this class you will learn how to wire
weave and channel set Czech glass 2-hole cabs.
Materials Needed:
1 pkg 6mm 2-hole Czech cabs
70 inches of 20 gauge square soft wire
10 feet 20 gauge half round half hard wire
24 inches 24 gauge round soft wire
6 inches 16 gauge round wire

Techniques Used: Wire bending and wrapping

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: None

Tools Needed:
Flush cutters
Nylon jaw pliers
Chain nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Cushion clamp
6-step looping pliers
Nylon hammer
Steel bench block
Sand bag/anvil
Emory board or files
Magnifiers and light (optional but recommended)
Channel Set Cab Bracelet
Friday, Dec 8, 2017, 2-4pm
Cindy Patrick
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