Coiled Wire Link Bracelet
~Cindy Patrick
Have fun making this reversible coiled wire link bracelet! Mixed metals
using sterling silver and copper wire with a copper focal bead and
handmade clasp. What could be more gratifying?
Materials Needed:
4-5 feet 18g sterling silver round soft wire
3 inches 16g sterling silver round soft wire
15 feet 22g copper round soft wire
Focal bead with hole large enough for 18g wire

Flush wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
6-Step looping pliers
Flat nose pliers
Coiling gizmo or Mr. Twister w/2mm mandrel
Stepped mandrel
Steel bench block and sand anvil
Chasing hammer
Pro polish pads
Coiled Wire Link Bracelet
Saturday, Nov 3, 2018, 1-4pm
Cindy Patrick
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