Metalworking:  Fold Form Cuff
             ~Celeste Smith
Tools Supplied:
Liver of Sulfur
Bracelet mandrel
Technique(s) Used:
Fold Forming
Stone Setting


Skill Level:  
You’ll be amazed at the beautiful patterns you can achieve by learning
how to fold form copper and add some beautiful cabs!
Metalworking: Fold Form Cuff
Saturday, Dec 29, 2018, Noon-4pm
Celeste Smith
Materials Needed (kit available
day of class):
Kit fee: approx. $20
Copper Sheet
Cabs - 3 to 5
Bezel cups to fit cabs (silver or
Tools Needed:  
Steel block and sand anvil
Soldering station setup
- torch
- fireproof surface
- annealing pan
- charcoal block or fiber brick
- titantium pick
- flux
- flux brush
- copper and silver solders
- fine tip tweezers
- copper tongs
Chasing hammer
Brass hammer
Bench knife
Bezel pusher
Steel burnisher
Stone setting kit
Bracelet bending pliers or bracelet mandrel
Jumbo metal files
Flat/Round pliers
Nylon hammer
Rivet hammer (optional)
Texture hammers (optional)
Safety glasses
Polishing wheel attachments (power)
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