Ndebele Swag Bracelet
- Lisa
Materials and Tools Needed:
Size 11 seed beads (5 colors)
Size 15 seed beads (for loops)
One-G thread - recommended for
optimum drape
Wildfire .006" or Fireline .004" or
Needle size 11 or 12
Fiber cutters
Beading awl
2 flat nose pliers
Bead board or mat
Magnifiers, recommended
Light, optional
This bracelet can be casual or dressy - all it takes to make the
difference is the choice of beads! I designed this one with 10
rows across but it can be as thin or wide as you like! The type of
clasp you use is also wide open - buttons, slide, box, whatever!
We appreciate supplies being
purchased at Beadoholique.
Thank you.

Techniques Used:
Ladder stitch
Ndebele stitch


Skill Level:
Ndebele Swag Bracelet
Saturday, Mar 13, 2021, 11-1pm
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