Open Studio for Beading & Metals
Bring whatever you’re working on!
2 hrs

For Beading: None
For metals: Must have taken a
metalworking or silversmithing
class at Beadoholique

Beginner to Advanced
We have the perfect getaway for you to work on your jewelry
– free from the demands of home!  Make use of our workshop
and use our tools and equipment to finish your projects.  

Bring in work that needs finishing or that new piece you
sketched and can’t wait to start on!  Enjoy being in our
friendly shop while you do what we all love best – making

Whether it's metal or beading, make use of our classroom
and workshop to start or finish a project. Need a little help?
Just ask! We can assist you with your projects, design, and color

More information is listed below.
Please read our Cancellation & Student Participation Policy:
Bring whatever tools you have for
your project and use classroom

SEAT COST: $20 for 2 hours
SEAT COST without tools: FREE
Minimal instruction; supervised by
Lisa Kirkeby
We are here to supervise the workshop, give advice and answer questions but Open Studio
is not instructional time.

Open Studio is available for $20 per 2 hour intervals,
if using shop tools. If you just need
studio space to work in, with your own equipment, there is no charge. Every Friday from
11-1pm unless otherwise noted on the class calendar.
Please note:  Instructors are present to supervise but not teach.  Please treat tools and
equipment as you would your own. You may only use tools and equipment that you have
been trained to use.  Safety glasses must be worn when called for.  If tools or equipment are
damaged through misuse, you will be charged to replace said tools or equipment. Thanks!