Silversmithing: Asymmetrical Bezel
Set Pendant
      - Celeste Smith
Materials Needed:
(Class Kit available day of class -  
Minimum kit fee $50)

Kit includes:
-24g SS sheet
-Bezel wire to fit cabs
-bezel cup to fit small cab - or you can
make your own (recommended)
-6" sterling silver 16g round wire
-Focal cab (1 to 1.5" height)
-1 round cab ranging in size of 4 to

If you choose to rent a soldering station,
please bring a tote with basic tools as
we do not have enough for everyone to
borrow from the shop. You should
always bring a standard set of tools
appropriate to the class you are taking.
Techniques Used:  
Soldering, Texturing, Bezel
making, Sawing, Stone Setting,

Soldering, sawing, stone setting

Skill Level:  
Join us for a wonderful new class from Celeste! This asymmetrical bezel
set pendant looks lovely hanging off-kilter! Pick a stunning main cabochon
and an accent stone, then add a hand-forged bail. Sound like fun?
Come play!
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shopping cart, the class is unfortunately already full.  
Check back next month to see if its offered again!
Please read our Cancellation & Student Participation Policy:
Silversmithing: Asymmetrical Bezel Set Pendant
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 11-4pm
Celeste Smith
Tools Needed:
Nylon hammer
Chasing hammer
Texture hammers
Steel Bench block & sand anvil
Rubber block
Jumbo Metal file set
Charcoal & Fiber bricks & heat proof
Butane torch w/fuel
Fine tip tweezers
Metal design/hallmark stamp, Brass
Miter vise
Metal files
Stone setting kit (available at shop)
Bezel benders (available at shop)
Wire cutters
Paste flux and Flux brush
Titanium Pick
Power polishing attachments
6-step looping pliers
Wrap-N-Taps (large barrels)
Round nose, chain nose, flat nose pliers
Mister Twister Coiling Kit
Safety glasses and particle mask
Fine point Sharpie
Easy, medium, and hard silver solder
Bezel Pusher or Rocker
Steel and Agate Burnishers
Millimeter Ruler
Jeweler's Saw, Blades, Lube, Pin