Silversmithing: Bezel & Tube Set Pendant
~Lisa Kirkeby
Materials must be purchased at

Class Kit available day of class.
Mininum kit fee approximately $50

Kit includes:
4mm cab or faceted stone
8-10mm cab (to bezel set)
24g SS sheet
Fine silver bezel wire
Thick walled tubing (item 17297)

Additional items needed but not in kit:
Pre-made or handmade bail
Sterling chain and clasp
Refresh yourself on bezel making and learn how to create a tube setting
for a flat-backed cab or a faceted stone. First, we will create our design
and then execute that design, learning new techniques as we go!
See pre-req below.
Technique(s) Used:  
Tube setting

Prerequisite: Must be 18
years of age or older

Skill Level:
If you try to register for a class, but it will not add it to the
shopping cart, the class is unfortunately already full.  
Check back next month to see if its offered again!
Please read our Cancellation & Student Participation Policy:
Tools Supplied:
Liver of Sulfur
Drill press and vise
Brass brush
Copper Tongs
Tools Needed:  
Chain, Round, and Flat nose pliers
Nylon or rawhide hammer
Texture hammer or rivet hammer
Pillar file and needle files
Heavy duty wire cutters
Miter vise
4mm setting bur
Sandpaper assortment
Blue, Green, and Gray polishing flat
wheels w/mandrels
3M radial discs w/mandrels
Steel bench block w/sand anvil
Rubber block
Ring clamp
Easy, Medium, and Hard solders
Millimeter Ruler
Pro polish pads
Tube cutting pliers or jig
Jeweler's saw, blade, and lube, bench pin
Metalworking chart w/circle template
Bezel benders (wooden dowel set)
Stone setting kit
Mounted stiff bristle brush
Digital calipers
Bezel setting punches (opt)
Bezel pusher, Steel burnisher, and Agate
Stamping hammer and hallmark stamps
Safety glasses and Mask (required)
Flux Brush
Titanium Solder Pick
Jumbo Torch
Fiber Grip Cross-Locking Tweezers
Fine Tip Tweezers
Fine point Sharpie, pencil
Charcoal Block and/or Fiber brick
Fireproof base
* (such as a ceramic tile,
metal pan or annealing pan)

*Everything is available for purchase from
except your fireproof surface.

OPTIONAL:  "Solder Station Setup"
available for Class RENTAL for $25 fee.
After class, If you decide to BUY the "Solder
Station Setup" the DAY OF class, we will be
happy to apply the rental fee you paid towards
the cost of buying the "Solder Station Setup"
minus the fireproof base).  

All tools available at Beadoholique.
Silversmithing: Bezel & Tube Set Pendant
Saturday, Mar 23, 2019, 11-4pm
Lisa Kirkeby
To sign up for a class you may register online, come into the shop, or call us!  Students must be a minimum of 13
years old to participate, or twelve years old if taken with a paying adult.
If you sign up online for a class less than 24 hours in advance you MUST call the
shop and speak to an associate for availability.
Payment for class is due when you sign up.  You must come early to purchase needed supplies. Students must
have all necessary supplies/tools and be ready when the class begins.
 Walk-ins are welcome if space is still
available and if supplies have been pre-purchased.
Class will begin on time.  No one will be admitted late to class.
Late-comers must reschedule for another class. A refund will not be given.  If you cannot attend your scheduled class,
you must call us 24 hours in advance to cancel and we will gladly refund your money.  
If you fail to show up for a class, your class fee will be forfeited.