Silversmithing: Prongs #3
          ~ Lisa Kirkeby
This is the thirdd class of three on prongs. In the first class we did
a fairly simple prong setting and in the second class we built on that
by adding another layer so we could set a faceted stone. This class
takes all of that a step further and adds more design elements to
your piece.
Materials Needed: (kit available day of class)
Bezel wire (that comes to top of stone, not higher)
24g sterling sheet
6 inches - 12g half round
1 foot - 18g sterling round wire

Tools Needed:
Nylon hammer
Steel block with sand bag
Rubber block
Soldering brick & heat proof surface
Easy, Medium and Hard solder
Flux and brush
Butane torch w/ fuel
Miter vise
Jumbo metal file set
and needle files
Flat nose, Chain nose, Round nose, Nylon flat pliers
Heavy duty wire cutters
Bezel pusher
Prong pusher
Steel and Agate burnishers
6-Step looping pliers
Safety glasses, Mask, Magnifiers
Sharpie and Pencil
Millimeter ruler
Power polishing attachments
Cross-locking tweezers
Fine tip tweezers
Amacote (available at Beadoholique)
Jeweler's saw, blades, lube, bench pin
Bezel benders (dowels)
Sandpaper assortment
Shears - straight and curved
Hallmarking stamps, stamp straight block, and
Chasing hammer, flat face
Auto center punch
Metal hole punch (any size)
Frog tape or finger guards
Drill bit, small but size not important
Technique(s) Used:  
stone setting
Skill Level:
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Silversmithing: Prongs #3
Saturday, June 23, 2018, 11-4pm
Lisa Kirkeby