Silversmithing: Sterling Rings & Links
~Celeste Smith
Materials Included in Kit: $40+/-
6 inches SS 2.2mm full bead wire
10 inches SS strip wire
9 inches 14g SS square wire
1 foot 16g SS round wire
SS accent beads
SS lobster clasp
6 inches 18g SS round wire (for jumps)
Learn how to make this awesome link bracelet! Everything except
the clasp is handmade - you could make your own hook, if you like!
Tools Needed:  
ring mandrel
nylon hammer
texture hammer
chasing hammer
miter vise
metal files
nylon ring bending pliers
flat nose pliers
6 step looping pliers
hallmark/design stamps
stamp straight block
stamping hammer
steel bench block/sand bag
stamping enamel, optional
soldering station
flush cutters
flat nose pliers (2)
millimeter ruler
finishing & polishing power attachments
magnifiers, optional
light, optional
sand paper assortment
pro polish pads
copper tongs
safety glasses, mask
Easy, medium and hard solder
"Solder Station Setup":
-Flux Brush
-Titanium Solder Pick
-Jumbo Torch
-Fiber Grip Cross-Locking Tweezers
-Fine Tip Tweezers
-Fine point Sharpie
-Charcoal Block and/or Fiber brick
Fireproof base
* (such as a ceramic tile,
metal pan or a Lazy Susan Fire Station)
flex shaft
Silversmithing:Silver Rings & Links Bracelet
Saturday, Jan 13, 2018, 1-4pm
Celeste Smith
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