Viking Knit Necklace
- Lisa
Materials and Tools Needed:
14 feet of Sterling 26g round wire
3 feet of 26g craft wire in any color other than
4 inches 16g Sterling round wire
14 feet of Copper 26g round wire

feet of 26g craft wire in any color other than
4 inches 16g Copper round wire

1 foot craft wire 24g
Leather, chain, or cord
Embellishment beads for ends of viking knit
Focal beads to hang from viking knit
Viking knit tool
Chain nose pliers
Nylon jaw flat pliers
Metal cutters
Draw plate
1 pack 3M radial discs (blue ones) for
1 pack Screw Mandrels

Particle mask

All tools available for purchase at
I love to bead as much as the next person but sometimes you just
want to do something different! Spend the day with me and learn
viking knit! It's not hard to do and makes a great addition to your
jewelry pieces. We will make a length of viking knit, patina, polish,
tumble for high shine
, and treat to prevent tarnish. You can add
any embellishments to complete your personal design. You can
string it on leather, cord, or chain - it's completely up to you!
We appreciate supplies being
purchased at Beadoholique.
Thank you.

Techniques Used:
Viking knit
Polishing with a flexshaft

Preventing tarnish


Skill Level:
Viking Knit Necklace
Saturday, Feb 20, 2021, 10-2pm
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