Wire Woven Beaded Ring
~Cindy Patrick
Tools Needed:
Flush cutters
Flat nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers
Bent nose pliers
Painter's tape
Pin vise (optional - if you want to twist
Ring mandrel
Readers or magnifiers are highly
recommended for a successful class
New outfit but no ring to match? Pick out a small round cabochon and
some wire and in a few hours you'll have a new ring! This is a beginner
class but if you have wire wrapping experience, it would be helpful.
Kit (available day of class) -
34-40 inches of 21 gauge, soft,
square wire
48 inches of 20 gauge, half-hard,
half-round wire
8-10mm round cab or crystal (must
have a flat back)
10-20 2mm round beads with
holes large enough to fit on the
square wire

Techniques Used:
Wire Woven Beaded Ring
Saturday, Mar 30, 2019, Noon-3pm
Cindy Patrick
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