You must bring the required tools or
purchase the ones needed when you get here
as we only have a few loaners to go around.

This class is free as long as you show your
support by purchasing the needed materials
and/or tools from Beadoholique. Not only
does this show your support for your local
bead shop but it allows us to continue
classes that you just cannot find anywhere

Thank you!
Girl's Night Out! Thursday, June 13th, 6-8pm
Come join Lisa for an evening out with the girls! Let's get back to needle and thread and make some
sweet SuperDuo earrings! We'll help you pick out materials for the class. The class is
FREE with
purchase of materials
! If you bring your own materials, the class price is $25. Please try to be on time
or you may not be able to finish the project.

Girl's Night Out is
BYOBeverage. Snacks are provided for your enjoyment.

Note: The store will close from 5-5:30 to prepare for Girl's Night Out. Show up at 5:30 to get your
supplies. Class starts at 6pm. :-)

See below for more information
Tools Needed:
Bead Pad, board, or mat
Thread cutters
Magnifiers (optional) (no loaners available)
Thread burner or lighter
Size 10 or 11 needle
2 flat nose pliers
Round nose plier

Materials Needed:
One-G thread, recommended (or S-Lon thread)
Sterling ear wires or leverbacks
Sterling 20-21g 4mm round jump rings
SuperDuos - 2 colors
Size 8 seed beads
Size 11 seed beads